A new trend in interior soft decoration design for high-end villas

2019/10/11 8:57:56

    Vogue is an endless reincarnation, although contemporary home outfit style is in with tide trend ceaseless innovation, but won't deviate its essence connotation, that is practical with comfortable sex double pursuit. Therefore, only in line with the current people's pursuit of a better life interior design will be the latest fashion trend!

1. Communication in and out of villa design:

    Villa as the most relaxed and pleasant living form, soft decoration design should be carried out under the premise of complete protection of the internal structure is not destroyed, and how to make the indoor furnishings into the extension of the natural scenery, has become the most concerned part of the villa interior design. The division of interior space and delimit no longer are decided simply according to the practical scale of daily life, indoor with outdoor perfect union, ability will soft outfit design develops incisively and vividly.

2. Personalized villa design style:

    Villa decorates the individual life that the design must satisfy host, although cool minimalism is popular at that time, even become fashionable design representative for a time, but be being disintegrated by the soft symbol place of individuation and erode gradually. The elements of complete conflict are no longer simple to complex variation, or the special expression of publicity personality, the unrestrained rambling and random, making the villa truly become a tool to enjoy, and the advantages of social status and ideology, also must be presented through the individual's unique enjoyment and quality.

3. The design of villa is intended to overturn the eternity:

    The destruction to all mature set is also those who villatic stylist people are most tireless, the train of thought that before onefold style is formed a complete set strictly has been broken completely, be like: be thought to be 3 add 2 to add the perfect union of sofa of one sitting room, had been conservative and lack creativity, can replace by complete exterior place likely. May be the furniture combination that looks to do not take tone completely, implicative however host lives distinctive logic. The mix of furniture and the implicit logic that host lives do not agree. The life demand of stylist bold and thorough host develops unprecedentedly.

4. The retro design of the villa is not a mechanical repetition:

    Retro seems to be a constant theme, but retro is never mechanically repeated. In such an era, the cultural core contained in the classic theme is deeply understood and well preserved, and the shape, material and color bearing the cultural essence create a lot of wonderful combinations of new materials and new technologies.

5. Attach importance to soft decoration in villa decoration:

    After villa hard outfit project is finished, people also did not abandon to soft outfit aesthetic pursuit. Know to savour the person of life, can realize home more blank place how should fill. Display the aesthetic feeling that will reveal household through all sorts of art, it is the link that cannot ignore in domestic outfit process apparently.

6. The villa pays more attention to functional design:

    Again beautiful design, want to return to life eventually true. Practical function is the chongchongzhi that furniture designs, because furniture is not bought just because of good-looking, more important is it can provide a lot of convenience for the life, can serve the life of people.

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