Hotel decoration design space layout points

2019/10/11 8:53:44

    As consumption upgrading more and more obvious, the market demand trends to diversification development, the development of hotel industry wants to achieve rapid, except with the management concept and service to win, in decorating a design phase, you can plan ahead to establish competitive advantage, good hotel building is convenient, efficient and comfortable space, for the hotel late management provides good foundation for the environment.

1. Flexible and efficient function layout:

    Hotel decoration design, the division of the area to highlight the efficiency and convenience of each functional partition, functional partition should be obvious and orderly, to provide warm, convenient check-in experience, improve customer satisfaction and head rate, the hotel to obtain a good reputation and long-term sustainable development. For example, in the functional layout design, the guest room chooses the relatively concealed area, reduces the personnel flow, creates the quiet living environment. The front desk of the lobby area should not be designed too high, which is easy to create a sense of distance for the guests. Moreover, the lobby area should choose a relatively concealed area and set up a rest area, so that consumers can have a space for rest and entertainment when they do not want to return to the room after dinner.

2. Privacy and openness of space layout:

    Hotel decoration design space layout, should pay attention to the privacy and openness of the hotel space needs. When setting private space, if box, guest room, toilet, bathroom, want to consider privacy demand adequately, door and metope should choose sound insulation effect is stronger. In the design of public Spaces such as restaurants, lobbies, cafes and teahouses, both practicality and artistry should be taken into account to create convenient and ornamental space with open vision and broad space, allowing consumers to be free in body and mind.

3. Orderly and efficient traffic flow, "proximity principle"

    Hotel decoration design space layout, to fully consider the traffic orientation, the hotel internal traffic system on the whole hotel space fluency and convenience of the importance of self-evident. Hotel internal traffic system can be divided into plane streamline and vertical streamline, to deal with the cross relationship between the vertical and horizontal, so that each space is connected with each other while avoiding disorder. Divided from the use function, the hotel traffic can be divided into and streamline, service flow, goods flow, should guide when divided into clear, orderly, and the service flow and goods flow can't human and motorised cross with the guest flow line, every line adopt principle nearby, the distance is as close as possible, not extend too far, too far to the time and manpower cost, higher operating efficiency.

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